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How to Apply

Howto Application

The applicant should go through the “Booklet-cum-Application Form” and the application form carefully before starting filling in. It is advisable to photocopy it first and try filling in the photocopy before filling the actual application form. Applicant should use only ballpoint pen with black ink to fill in the application form. Overwriting or usage of white ink should be avoided.


Application Procedure


Before submitting the Application Form, the candidate should satisfy himself/herself that he/she fulfills all the eligibility conditions as laid the advertisement, to avoid rejection of the Application Form. Academic qualifications obtained after submission of the Application Form shall not be entertained.


Admission/Education Steps:

1) Submit online/offline registration form.

2) Paid the necessary fees.

2) AICOE will provide syllabus.

3) Purchas books from open market according to the syllabus.

4) AICOE will issue Hall Ticket before examination.

5) Successful candidate will get a certificate.



certificate of Scholarship

The Student belonging to the reserved category mentioned previously will have to pay the full fees at the time of admission. However, it will be subsequently returned on providing appropriate document. Further, for students Below Poverty Line, appropriate document has to be produced at the time of admission, to avail the Scholarship. 100% Scholarship will be given to the students who have scored 93% or above in the previous examination and is from weaker section of the Society. Here weaker Section includes Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Classes and main criteria would be financial background. 50% Scholarships will be given to all deserving candidates irrespective of financial background.

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