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  1. To manage, run and establish best quality educational institute all over the India.
  2. To promote Indian education all over the world.
  3. To work for community development and welfare of the economically and socially backwards.
  4. The provide opportunities of education for economically poor and needy.
  5. The open educational institute for young kids and unemployed youth.
  6. To organize seminars, symposium for young and old.
  7. To work for the educational uplift of illiterate.
  8. To promote cultural and social activities by arranging cultural programmes and sports.
  9. To provide free education for helpless and poor and also to rural areas.
  10. To promote cultural education and social sprit among the society.
  11. To provide non-formal education and to conduct research in education and other disciplines on the different subject relating to education.
  12. To provide scholarships and help to the student and awards for their excellent academic performance.
  13. To establish and manage various kinds of educational, cultural, social and welfare, vocational training centers in the field of Industrial, scientific, technical, agricultural research training institutes to introduced and develop professional courses.
  14. To provide help and assistance to the physically handicapped people / children in respect of artificial limbs and give them vocational training and different technical / non technical / professional Industrial and on the other subject fields which will them independent.
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